A Ghost Hunt in the Museum

We have taken the mummy, Takabuti as the starting point and using video and QR codes will be able to link to an image of a “ghost” telling their story. 

The aim of this is to help people engage with the objects in a different way, to realize that they were real people who had their own story, or that the objects belonged to real people. The project would be relatively simple to put together, the main work would be researching and scripting the “ghosts”.

Each “ghost” will have a QR code which can be read by an app linking it to the video of the ghost

Facebook meme page

Recently, the meme scene has exploded on to Facebook, with the typical themes involving cities, towns and schools.

We decided to bring this to the Ulster museum, to bring a bit of creative Internet culture to contrast with the traditional atmosphere of the place. 

Bling Through the Ages

A map will guide you through your task of finding the selected jewellery and adding the relevant text to them. Each object is worth a certain number of points which at the end of an hour and half will be totted up and added to an online leader board along with the time it took in which to find them all. If you are number one on the leader board at the end of the week you will be treated to a free coffee/tea.

Project Fashion

A collection of ideas that have come about as a result of “bling through the ages.

Mummy Said

The basic concept was to change the way children interacted with the space, encouraging them to engage with the content in new ways.

Our project takes place in the form of an interactive video, with an egyptian theme. This video sets specific tasks which makes the consumers interact with the artefacts in different ways.

I Dare You

Over the last few years there have been many attempts at breaking down the barriers in museums. Traditionally museums have been seen as stuffy, boring places full of academics and old objects but as a result of the hard work of many people in the sector these traditions are slowly, but surely, being changed. With these ideas in mind we have compiled a number of challenges and activities for people to take part in at the Ulster Museum, or any museum!


The heARTour project provides an alternative museum experience for the ‘My Generation’ exhibition in the Ulster Museum.

It can be used for a special themed event and adapted for more classic individual tours. We hope it shows as much foresight and daring as the Ulster Museum does in its contemporary art collection!

Aztec Tribute Trail

A collecting and bartering based treasure hunt game.